It’s hard to underplay the importance of what Lessizmore stands for in the modern electronic music world. At a time when house and techno continues to be ever more homogenised and marketed, the phrase itself means a lot. Beyond commercially viable line-ups and brash advertising campaigns there is a world of thrilling, unexpected music that speaks on a spiritual, cerebral level without the need for unnecessary fanfare.

Jessica Bossuyt and Pierre Noisiez started their project ten years ago with events in Paris and Brussels, most notably holding down a residency at Fuse club that gave them the opportunity to showcase the imaginative corners of minimal and micro house when the scene was at its creative peak. The parties were defined by specific stylistic touches of décor and lighting that served to enhance the experimental, adventurous spirit of Jessica and Pierre’s creative instincts.

Over time their infectious twist on groove-driven electronics continues to spread to Berlin, Moscow, Istanbul, London and many more places besides. You only need look at the list of guests such as Bruno Pronsato, Daze Maxim, Audio Werner, dOP, Sonja Moonear and Mathias Kaden to understand that they have never settled for a safe, standard performance.

What binds those musicians together is their instinct for meaningful musical experience and their tastes for the unusual, whether captivating a crowd of thousands or a few hundred. With their guests’ individual creative visions matching perfectly with the Lessizmore philosophy, it was only logical for Jessica and Pierre to help push the music further and start the booking agency arm of their operation.

From Alex Picone and Cesar Merveille through to Fernando Costantini and Maayan Nidam, the roster of the agency is defined by a shared commitment amongst all the artists to keep progressing creatively, whether as a DJ or a live performer.

Between them the artists on the agency roster can be found in all kinds of collaborative configurations that only serve to strengthen the family ethos of everyone involved.

Meanwhile the label arm of Lessizmore has provided a space in which this unique energy can be captured on record, most recently manifesting in diverse and wonderfully wild records from San Proper and Louis McGuire, and an album of unreleased rarities from Frivolous. Previous projects as ambitious as the 28 track Overview compilation have welcomed the likes of Robag Wruhme, Jay Haze, Mossa and Peter Grummich to the label, resulting in an overall sound that bucks the trend of soundalike house and techno in favour of those wildcard tracks that make heads turn and hearts pound.

Driven by their unbridled passion for the music they deal in, the attitude of Lessizmore stands stronger than ever, from the collective of artists they work with to the events they organise. It’s a great time for imaginative sounds that sidestep all the hype and noise, and as they prepare to commemorate ten year of sonic adventures, just keep remembering Lessizmore.